Hosting a kit allows you to play a live game in class. You can host any public kit, but you'll only get reports for kits you own.

To host a kit, click the green Play Live to the right of any of your kits in your dashboard or click Play Live from the right-hand pane from inside any kit.

Play Live Button - Dashboard

Play Live from Inside Kit

You'll be taken to the Mode Picker where you can browse the mode you want to use with your kit.

Mode Picker - Scroll to Explore Modes

Select any mode and click "Learn More" to read details about that mode.

Mode Picker - Learn More

Once you've selected the game mode you want to use, it'll be outlined in yellow. Click the big Continue button in the upper right-and corner to move to the Game Options screen.

Mode Picker - Select a Mode

Game options can be different depending on the mode you're playing. Other articles will teach you all about game options.

Generally, the Game Options screen is where you'll set up your game. You can decide if you want to connect classes, turn on the Nickname Generator, which game goals you want to use to end the game, whether students can join late, and more.

Game Options - Set Up Your Game

Once you've set up your game, click Continue again to get your game started.

Game Options - Set Up and Continue

A new Lobby tab will open with your game code. If you're playing a 2D mode, you'll see your character in the lobby and more characters will join as students join.

Lobby - 2D Modes

The Lobby is where your students will gather while you wait for everyone to join. In non-2D modes, the Lobby is where you'll want to take a look at everyone's names and kick anyone with inappropriate names.

Once you're ready to get the game going, click Start Game. this button will be in the lower center for 2D games and in the upper right-hand corner for non-2D games.

Lobby - Start Game

In 2D modes, you can decide if you want to join the game as a player or spectator. Use the toggle in the lower right-hand corner to change how you join.

Lobby - Join as Player or Spectator

Students will need your game code to join your game. They can go to and enter your code to join, or you can click the game code to copy your Instant Join link. Just share that link with your students and they'll join your game...instantly.

Lobby - Instant Join Link

Once you click "Start Game," you and your students will be taken to your game. In non-2D modes, you'll have a leaderboard screen you can cast to the room. in 2D modes, your screen will show wherever you are on the map.

In the upper right-hand corner, you'll see a panel with game controls. Use these to manage your game, including music & SFX volume, displaying the leaderboard, viewing players, managing your own game if you joined a 2D game as a player, and ending the game.

Hosting - Game Controls

If you want to end the game early, just click the End Game button. Otherwise, your game will end when you reach the game goal you set up, usually a time limit for 2D games.

Hosting - End Game

And that's it - happy hosting!
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