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። Player maximums

Hard Limit

The number of players that can join a game of Gimkit can depend on internet reliability and stability.

As more players join a game, a faster and more reliable connection will be required to keep up with all the players.

Because we cannot control the devices or networks used with Gimkit, we have a hard limit on how many players can join a game.

Our hard limit for the number of students that can join a live game of Gimkit is 500 students.

We have a separate hard limit of 60 students for all 2D game modes.

Gimkit Pro Exclusive Modes

Our free plan, Gimkit Basic offers unlimited access to featured game modes.

Gimkit Pro, our paid plan, offers unlimited access to every mode, no matter what. Those modes are called "Gimkit Pro Exclusives."

Gimkit Pro Exclusive modes are limited to 5 players for Gimkit Basic members. Featured and Pro Exclusive modes are rotated every few weeks.


If you have a student log in, you'll be limited to hosting a maximum of 5 players in your games.

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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