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✅ Select a Game Mode

Gimkit has many different Game Modes to choose from. Each Game Mode is designed to engage students in different ways. Some modes are exciting, while others are calming, and others still are great for sparking interaction and discussion. Here are a few tips to help you select the right Game mode for your group and desired outcomes.

Mode Picker

Use the Mode Picker to browse and select the Game Mode you'd like to use.

Click "Play Live" on any Kit to open the Mode Picker.

Inside the Mode Picker, select any Game Mode to see a brief description and its Mode Labels. Click "Learn More" to read a longer description with more details about how the mode works.

Fishtopia Learn More

Mode Labels

Gimkit game modes have descriptive labels to help you pick the right Game Mode for your needs and class.

Game Mode Labels - Capture the Flag

Want to play a calm game that also emphasizes strategy and collaboration? Use the mode picker to browse the modes and find a Game Mode with the "Calming," "Strategic, and "Collaborative" labels.

Calming Mode

Select a Game Mode

Once you've found the right Game Mode, just click "Continue" to move to the Game Options screen and get your game started!

Select a Mode - Farmchain

Updated on: 14/03/2023

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