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🎛 Game options explained

Use game options to customize your live games to fit your class and desired outcomes.

Game Options


All game modes have two sets of game options: mode-specific and standard.

There are several standard game options available for all game modes:

A game goal or goals - time, cash, investigations, difficulty level, or number of questions answered
Connect a class
Join in late
Nickname Generator - disappears if using classes

Standard Game Options

Depending on the mode, there will be additional game options specific to the game being hosted.

Mode-Specific Game Options

Mode-specific game options differ quite a bit depending on the game mode. In general, they allow you to customize the game to better fit your needs and group.

If you're having trouble with game-crashers, you'll want to turn off the join late option. Or, if you have some students who aren't keeping up, selecting a team option will help keep them engaged.

2D Mode Game Balance

2D game modes have an additional set of options that allow hosts to customize the balance between answering questions and gameplay.

This gives hosts full control over game balance in all 2D modes. Not enough progression? Give students more reward per question. Too much gameplay and not enough learning? Lower the reward per question.

In Snowbrawl, for example, hosts can customize how many snowballs players earn per correct question.

In Fishtopia, customize the number of bait players earn per correct question. In Tag: Domination, Capture The Flag, and Farmchain, customize the energy granted to players per correct question.

2D Game Balance

Future 2D game modes will have similar game options designed to give you full control over the balance of your games.

Updated on: 16/02/2023

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