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🐆 Quick Actions

Quick Actions are actions you can take as the host of non-2D game modes that impact players. These actions give you the power to add balance to the game or make things more interesting!

Note that Quick Actions are not currently available in Team Mode

How to open the action sheet

All quick actions are under the action sheet. To open the action sheet, click a player's name on the leaderboard:

From there, the action sheet should pop up!


To use an action, click the button on the action sheet. Actions can be used as many times as you want!

Remove player from game

In case someone joins your game that you don't want to, or somebody uses an inappropriate name, you can remove them from the game.

Increase balance by 10%

For those that are struggling behind, give them a boost!

Decrease balance by 10%

Maybe someone's too far ahead? Decrease their balance to even the playing field!


Oh yes! You can Ice your students as many times as you want!

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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