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📈 Game reports

After you host a kit that you own, you'll be provided a report with class and individual data.

You can view this data and save it as a .PDF right after a Kit finishes or later on when you have time.

View on game end

When your class completes a live game, click the "View Report" button in the lower left-hand corner for 2D games and the upper right-hand corner for non 2D games to view the report for the game you just completed.

View Report - End of Game

View Game Report

View later

To view reports for past games, visit your dashboard, find the kit you want a report for, and hover over the three dot menu. Click "Reports" in the drop down menu.

View Reports Later

A pane will open on the right-hand side showing all reports for that kit. Click on the report you want to view.

View Reports - Select Report

Reviewing your report

There are three different ways to view report data:

Student Overview
General Overview
Question Breakdown

Click on the option you want in the left-hand pane to change your report view.

View Reports - Ways to View

Learn more about printing and saving game reports here.

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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