Game Reports

After you host a Kit you'll be provided a report with class and individual data.

You can view this data and save it as a .PDF right after a Kit finishes or later on when you have time.

Immediately After a Hosting a Kit

When your class completes a Kit, you'll see a "View Report" button at the upper right

Click this button to view your report for the Kit you and your class just completed.

Please Note:
Wait for 15-20 seconds after a Kit ends to view the report, and leave your tab open for at least that long. This will give the report data time to save.

Viewing Old Reports

If you want to go back and view older reports, you can do that too.

Just go to your dashboard and find the kit you want a report for. Hover over the 'More' menu and select "Reports" from the drop down. A tab will open on the right showing all reports for that kit. Click on the report you wish to view and it will open in a new tab.

Report Options

When you view your Reports, you'll see three options:

Student Overview
General Overview
Question Breakdown

Clicking on either of these three options will provide different views on your Report Data.

Learn more about printing and saving Game Reports here.
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