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🎒 Classes Explained

Classes Explained

Welcome to Classes in Gimkit!

Classes serve a variety of purposes in Gimkit. Here are the primary benefits of setting up and using Classes:

Keep names appropriate in live games
Track assignment progress
Results for multiple assignment completions
Save assignment progress

Here's a quick overview of each of the above:

Keep Names Appropriate in Live Games

While we have an inappropriate language filter inside of Gimkit, it doesn't catch everything. Classes ensure that students will show up in live games with appropriate names only.

When you create a Class, your students will make accounts in Gimkit and join your Class using the link you provide. Once your students are in your Class, they'll show up with the names they've chosen on their accounts. You can edit how their names show up in your Class listing any time.

With Instant Join, your students will join live games automatically without needing the game code! Once joined into the game, your students will show up with the name from your Class. Simple and clean!

Track Assignment Progress

With Classes, you can keep better track of students who have completed Gimkit Assignments. Connecting an Assignment to a Class gives you access to a quick and easy results section showing all students, those who have completed the Assignment, who is working on it still, and who has not started it.

Results for Multiple Completions

Classes will allow you to see multiple completion info for each student. From inside of your Assignment, click into the Class you want to view. You'll see the results screen for that Class. From there, you can review how many times each student completed the Assignment and see how they did each time.

Save Assignment Progress

Another bonus of using Classes and Assignments together is that students can leave an Assignment and complete it later, picking up where they left off. They can also save their Progress as they go. You can learn more about how students can save their progress here.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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