Welcome to Classes in Gimkit! Classes serve a variety of purposes in Gimkit. Let's go through each of them!

Keep Names Appropriate

While we have an inappropriate language filter inside of Gimkit, it doesn't catch everything. Classes ensures that students can only use their names. When you create a class, you will enter all the student names in that class. After, when students go to join a Gimkit game, they won't enter their name. Instead, they will select a name from the list.

Track Assignment Progress

With classes, you can keep better track of students who have completed Gimkit Assignments. When you assign a class an assignment, you'll have access to a quick and easy list to see who has and has not completed an assignment.

Another bonus with classes and assignments is that students can leave an assignment and complete it later, picking up where they left off.


Gimkit Seasons is a feature that tracks the balance of students over the course of multiple Gimkit games. The feature is only available if you create classes. You can learn more about seasons here
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