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⛰️ Don't Look Down

Conquer a challenging aerial obstacle course in this fast-paced 2D game mode!

Your goal? To race to the top before time runs out or someone else gets to the final peak first.

Answer questions to fuel your ascent of 6 treacherous summits. One mistake can lead to a long fall. Make sure every move is precise. The higher up you make it, the longer you have to fall. Try not to let that worry you — just don’t look down! 🙈

Don't Look Down

How to Start

Host a live game.
Select "Don't Look Down" in the Mode Picker and click "Continue."
Select your desired game settings on the Game Options screen and click continue. Note: Checkpoints are off by default.
Click the game code to copy and share the link to your game or have your students visit to enter your game's code.
Click the Joining as... button in the lower left-hand corner to toggle between joining as a spectator or as a player.
Once your students are in the lobby and you're ready to start, click the green Start Game button at the bottom of your screen.
Your game will take a few moments to load and your students will be dropped into Don't Look Down! What you see as the host depends on whether you joined as a player or spectator.

Don't Look Down Start Game

How to Play

Jump your way to the top - the first one to reach the peak wins.
Answer questions to earn the energy you need to move and jump.
Be careful with your jumps, one wrong move can send you all the way to the bottom.
The game ends when the someone reaches the top! If time expires or the host ends the game early, the highest player wins.

Best For

Don't Look Down is best for your group if you're looking for a game that is:

Easy to learn and understand
A more level playing field

Don't Look Down for Assignments

This mode is available for Assignments!

When assigning this mode, you can pick which summit you want your students to climb to. Since reaching the question goal will also end the game, the higher you set the summit goal, the higher you may want to set the question goal and/or the energy gained per question.

Assignment Game Options

Tips & Tricks

Don't Look Down has just a few game options, including Game Duration and Energy Per Question. Want the game to be harder and end quicker? Decrease the energy players earn per correct question. Want a longer game, increase Energy per Question.

Don't Look Down Game Options

Use the arrow keys or the WASD keys on your keyboard to move left and right and to jump. Players can also use the space bar to jump. Run and jump to jump further and tap jump again at the right moment to double jump.

Map & Game Notes

Because Don't Look Down is a large vertical mode, we're only sharing some of the map. Here is the beginning of the first summit!

Don't Look Down Map Preview

Updated on: 14/11/2023

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