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🌨 Snowy Survival

In Snowy Survival, your goal is simple: survive as long as possible. At the start of the game, one player is randomly cursed and given a Snowball Launcher to knockout other players. Everybody else must run and evade the curse. If they are knocked out, they become cursed too. The game ends when everyone is cursed!

Snowy Survival Title Card

How to Start

Host a live game.
Select "Snowy Survival" in the Mode Picker and click "Continue."
Select your desired game settings on the Game Options screen and click continue.
Click the game code to copy and share the link to your game or have your students visit to enter your game's code.
Click the Joining as... button in the lower left-hand corner to toggle between joining as a spectator or as a player.
Once your students are in the lobby and you're ready to start, click the green Start Game button at the bottom of your screen.
Your game will take a few moments to load and your students will be dropped into Snowy Survival! What you see will depend on whether you joined as a player or spectator.

Snowy Survival Start Game

How to Play

Regular players try to avoid getting knocked out and becoming cursed. Cursed players try to knockout players to add to the Cursed.
Cursed players start with a Snowball Launcher. Regular players can plant, grow, and harvest Snowball Launchers in the farming area.
Toggle between regular gameplay and projectiles using the selector in the bottom center of your screen.
Select the "Projectile" icon to enable snowball-throwing. Aim and throw snowballs by clicking with a mouse or tapping the screen with a finger on touch screens.
The game ends when the last player is knocked out and all players are Cursed. Or, the host can end the game manually.

Snowy Survival Gameplay

Best For

Snowy Survival is best for your group if you're looking for a game that is:


Tips & Tricks

Snowy Survival has many game options hosts can use to adjust games to fit their students and needs. Want the game to last longer? Slow down the cursed. Want the game to be harder for regular players? Add more Cursed and speed them up.

Snowy Survival Game Options

Use the WASD keys on your keyboard to move around. That way, you can use your right hand for the mouse/trackpad, which may make aiming and throwing snowballs easier.

Use "1" and "2" on your keyboard to quickly toggle between regular gameplay and throwing snowballs.

The farming area can be used to grow everything from Snowball Launchers and Med Packs to gold keys.

As you play, you'll discover relics from other game modes. Something strange is happening, and there are secrets to uncover. Best of luck exploring this strange new world!


Snowy Survival Map

Updated on: 30/03/2023

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