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💥 Blastball

In this mode, players are split into two rival Blastball teams: Gimchester United and Kitcelona!

Blastball is just like soccer, but instead of kicking the ball, you have to blast it to move it around the field!

Answer questions to earn blasts and remember: Blastball is a team sport! You’ll need to work closely with your team to score goals and defend your side of the field.


How to Start

Host a live game.
Select "Blastball" in the Mode Picker and click "Continue."
Select your desired game settings on the Game Options screen and click continue.
Click the game code to copy and share the link to your game or have your students visit to enter your game's code.
Click the Joining as... button in the lower left-hand corner to toggle between joining as a spectator or as a player.
Once your students are in the lobby and you're ready to start, click the green Start Game button at the bottom of your screen.
Your game will take a few moments to load and your students will be dropped into Blastball! What you see as the host depends on whether you joined as a player or spectator.

Blastball Start Game

How to Play

Use your blaster to move the ball towards the opposing team's goal (There is an arrow showing the direction of the goal at all times).
Answer questions to earn the energy you need to blast air at the ball.
Be careful not to send the ball in the wrong direction.
The game ends when the timer expires. The team with the most goals wins!

Best For

Blastball is best for your group if you're looking for a game that is:

Easy to learn and understand
Exciting and chaotic
Team based

Tips & Tricks

Blastball only has a few game options, including Game Duration and Blasts Per Question. You can also turn the in-game commentary on and off.

Want your students to answer more questions? Set the "Blasts per question" option to a lower number.

Use the WASD keys on your keyboard to move around. That way, you can use your right hand for the mouse/trackpad, which may make aiming and blasting easier.

During the game, it can be tricky to tell who is on your team and which goal to aim for. The side you spawn on when the game starts is your goal to protect and your team color is indicated by the scoreboard at the top of the screen, the flags at either end of the field, and the team benches.

Blastball Team Colors

While you're playing, your team members have little arrows above their heads. You can also check the names of your teammates by clicking on the leaderboard icon at the top of the screen.

Blastball Team indicators

Map & Game Notes

Because Blastball is a small, contained game field, we're sharing the entire map!

Blastball Map

Updated on: 15/01/2024

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