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☃️ Snowbrawl

Snowbrawl allows students to interact with other players using our projectiles game mechanic. In plain English, students can throw snowballs at each other! This exciting, fast-paced mode has a small map and just one goal: Knock out as many players as you can.

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How to Start

Host a live game.
Select "Snowbrawl" in the Mode Picker and click "Continue."
Select your desired game settings on the Game Options screen and click continue.
Click the game code to copy and share the link to your game or have your students visit to enter your game's code.
Click the Joining as... button in the lower left-hand corner to toggle between joining as a spectator or as a player.
Once your students are in the lobby and you're ready to start, click the green Start Game button at the bottom of your screen.
Your game will take a few moments to load and your students will be dropped into Snowbrawl! What you see will depend on whether you joined as a player or spectator.

Snowbrawl Start Game

How to Play

Answer questions to earn snowballs.
Toggle between regular gameplay and projectiles using the selector in the bottom center of your screen.
Select the "Projectile" icon to enable snowball-throwing. Aim and throw snowballs by clicking with a mouse or tapping the screen with a finger on touch screens.
Purchase Shield Cans & Med Packs from vending machines. Use the selector in the bottom center of your screen to use them.
The game ends when the time limit is reached or the host ends the game manually.
The player or team with the most knockouts when the game ends wins!

Snowbrawl Gameplay

Best For

One Way Out is best for your group if you're looking for a game that is:


Tips & Tricks

Use the WASD keys on your keyboard to move around. That way, you can use your right hand for the mouse/trackpad, which may make aiming and throwing snowballs easier.

Use "1" and "2" on your keyboard to quickly toggle between regular gameplay and throwing snowballs.

You can hold up-to 4 Shield Cans, each can grants 25 shield, up-to 50 shield.

You can hold up-to 2 Med Packs, each one heals you up-to 100 health.

You have to be standing still to use the Med Pack. If you start moving, it stops applying. It's a risk to stay still in the middle of a snowball fight, but the reward is health.


Snowbrawl Map

Updated on: 30/03/2023

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