Note: Assignments are available to Gimkit Pro (paid) members only.

Assignments allow your students to play Gimkit on their own from anywhere. Use assignments for distance learning, independent study, or homework.


Creating an an assignment takes just a few minutes. First, select the kit you want to use.

Assignment - Choose a kit

Next, choose the game you want your students to play for the assignment. Assignments can only be played with 2D modes that aren't team-based.

Assignment - Choose game mode

Finally, select the game options you want for your assignment.

Assignment - Game options

Your assignment will have the name of the mode it uses by default. You can change this anytime.

Assignments - Change name

Once you've created and shared your assignment with your students, they'll work to complete it by reaching the goal you set.

Assignment - Student goal

From your dashboard, click on Assignments any time to view a list of your assignments. If an assignment is past due, its icon shows in orange.

Assignments - List view

You can view results for your assignments any time. Click into the assignment you want from your assignments list, then click Results.

Assignments - Results

As soon as any student completes your assignment, you'll be able to see report information inside of your assignment. Click Results to view individual results and report information. To view the full report for your assignment, click Reports inside of your assignment.

Assignment - Reports

You can also click into the kit connected to your assignment and click Reports and select your assignment from the right-hand pane.

Assignments - Select reports from kit view

Tip: Assignments are most effective when used with classes, but can be used on their own as well.
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