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Share & manage assignments

To access your assignments, click Assignments from your dashboard.
Click into assignments section

You'll see a list of all of your assignments. Click the assignment you'd like to view, share, or manage.

Select a kit

Once inside your assignment, you'll see several navigation options above the assignment. Use these to share your assignment, view results, and review your assignments settings.

Assignment navigation

Share an assignment

If you're using classes with your assignment, it'll show up in your students' dashboard. They just need to be a member of one of the classed you used with your assignments.

If the assignment isn't showing up for them, they may need to use the due date filters to make sure they can see the assignment.

Student dashboard - due date filters

If you're not using classes, or need to share the direct link with a student, just click "Copy Link" from the Share section of your assignment.

Copy link to share

Anyone who visits an assignment link will be able to play that assignment. Once they complete the assignment, they'll show up in the results section of your assignment.

Change an assignment's title

Assignments are given the name of the kit + mode they use by default.

Default assignment names

To change the name of an assignment, click the title and enter the new name you'd like to use and click Save.

Change assignment name

Review an assignment's settings & goals

To view an assignment's settings, click Info from inside of the assignment.

Assignment settings cannot be changed, but you can use this page to confirm the kit being used and the assignment's goal.

Assignment info

Updated on: 17/11/2022

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