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Assignment results

Click Results from the navigation options at the top of any assignment to view results for that assignment.

Assignment results - Select Results

Setting up your assignments with classes will change the way you can view and sort results.

Without classes, you can't easily view multiple attempts by the same student side-by-side. Also, the "Class" option won't show up as a sort option.

You can filter results by status (Completed, Working On It, Has Not Started) as well as by class. Additionally, results can be filtered by either first name or last initial.

Assignment Results - Filter and sort options

There's a Report icon next to each student who completed your assignment. Click this icon to see report information for any student.

Assignment Results - Student Reports

Assignment Results - Viewing Student Reports

While we let students play assignments as many times as they'd like, only the first three attempts are recorded in the results.

Updated on: 07/03/2024

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