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Create an assignment

Gimkit assignments allow your students to play Gimkit on their own time. Here's how to create an assignment:

From your Dashboard, click the "Assign HW" button next to any Kit.

Assign HW

You can also create an assignment from your Assignments section.

New assignment from assignments section

If you create a new assignment in this way, you'll need to select a kit before continuing.

Select a kit

Select the mode you'd like to use with your assignment from the mode picker and click continue.

Select a game mode

Select options for your assignment. Beneath "due date" and "class" are options specific to the game mode you selected.

Select assignment options

Different modes may have different objectives and options, but most modes will have a cash goal and a question goal. The question goal is optional. The goal students reach first will end the assignment.

Goal options

That's it! Your assignment is ready to go. Copy your assignment's link to share it with your students.

Copy link to share

For assignments using classes

If you connected your assignment to a class or classes, students in a connected class will see the assignment in their dashboards.

Student dashboard - assignment due date filters

Make sure your students use the due date filter buttons if they're not seeing assignments in their dashboards.

Updated on: 17/11/2022

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