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⌛️ Add time during live games

Click the timer in the upper right-hand corner while hosting any 2D game mode to add 1 minute.

Add Time - Live 2D Game

The longest a Gimkit game can be is 59 minutes. If you start a game at 58 or 59 minutes, you won't be able to add time. Time can only be added up to 58 minutes, after that you will no longer be able to add time in-game.

As long as your game never exceeds 58 minutes, each click adds 1 minute and there are no limits to how many times a host can add time during a live 2D game.


For technical reasons, time cannot be subtracted during live games.

Time can only be added during live 2D games. Non-2D games cannot have time added during gameplay.

Updated on: 13/03/2024

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