How Gimkit Groups works

Our group license system is called Gimkit Groups.

Groups is a simple, fast, and affordable way for schools to cover their teachers' Gimkit Pro upgrades.

We created Groups to save time. With Groups, we're excited to offer:

Simple and transparent pricing
No quote forms asking a million things
No calls with the sales team
Quote, payment, and management all from one place

Getting started

Gimkit group licenses are bundles of Gimkit annual Pro upgrades. You can learn more about what's included in a Gimkit Pro Upgrade here.

You can get a quote, upload a Purchase Order or pay with a Credit Card, and start adding teachers to your Group instantly and all from one place!

Groups offers two levels:

Department - Pro upgrades for up to 20 teachers - $650 per year
School - Pro upgrades for your entire school - $1,000 per year

These levels are designed for your Group to grow into the available seats. That way, you don't have to waste time with add-on purchase orders or restructuring your group as more teachers request Gimkit upgrades. You can purchase multiple Groups at either or both levels to fit the size and need of your group.

Your group's license starts as soon as you submit payment with a Credit Card or successfully upload a Purchase order.

Following payment or PO upload, you'll be instantly provided with an invoice and next steps for managing your group!

It all starts with a quote

The first step in getting your group off the ground is creating a quote. As with the entire Groups system, creating a quote is fully automated.

To request a quote, you can visit and click the plan you want a quote for. Just enter your group's name and you'll get a quote instantly. 

As soon as you create your quote, you'll be taken to your unique quote page. We'll also email you a link in case you need to come back to it later or share it with someone else.

From your quote page you can save a PDF of your quote, upload your PO, pay for your group with a credit card, and access our W-9.

Purchasing your group

First, you'll need a free Gimkit account to complete your groups purchase. Because Gimkit accounts come with a free trial of our paid plan, you'll want to accept that at registration.

To purchase your group, just return to your quote page when you're ready and select whether you want to upload a purchase order or pay with a credit card.

Regardless of how you complete your purchase, you'll be provided an invoice and emailed a copy, so you can forward it where it needs to go for processing.

Once you submit payment or upload your purchase order, you will automatically be made the Manager for your group, which means you will distribute your group's licenses and manage the group.

Adding teachers to your group license

We don't hold your group hostage until we've reviewed your purchase order and you don't need to wait for us to email you with confirmation that we have your purchase order.

As soon as you purchase your group, it's active and you can start distributing Pro upgrades to your teachers!

Gimkit groups have a management tool used to add members to your group's license, which we provide to your group's Owner (the person who purchased your group) and all group Managers (the Owner and anyone added as a Manager).

The person who purchases your group will be your group's Manager. They can share out your group's invite link, manually add teachers to the group, and add more Managers right away.

Vendor Information

All of the information you'll need to get us set up as a vendor or create a PO should be available here.


Email us at anytime with questions!

We respond to all support emails within two (2) business days.
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