The Gimkit group Renewal process is similar to the initial purchase process. It's fully automated and should take just a few minutes.

Start by logging into your account and going to

Select the group you'd like to renew from the list on the left and click the blue Renew button.

Renew your group

Only groups older than 6 months will show an option to renew. Before then, the renew button won't be visible.

Once you click the Renew button, you'll be taken directly to your renewal quote.

Renewal quote

You can use this quote any time to purchase your new license with a purchase order or credit card.

The new group's expiration date will be set to whichever is later: a year from the current date, or a year from the current license expiration.

Renewing your group license will create a new license. Your group members will be imported automatically.
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