Purchasing Gimkit for your group is fully automated. It should take about 5 minutes from start to finish.

Log into Gimkit or create a free Educator account.

Once logged in, return to your quote page. Click "Pay with purchase order" or "Pay with credit card."

Purchase your group license

If you don't have a quote, create one here.

Paying with Purchase Order

Enter the name of your group, your district's name as listed on your purchase order, and your purchase order number.

Purchase order information and number

Add managers to your group using the email addresses associated with their Gimkit accounts. You can also add recipients to receive copies of your invoice using any email address.

Add recipients and managers

To complete your purchase, upload a PDF of your purchase order.

Once your PO is uploaded and you've filled in the requested information, the Start License button will turn blue. Click it to start your group license.

Start group license with PO

Your group license will be active immediately so you can add members and manage your group right away.

Group licenses purchased with POs have NET 45 terms. If payment isn't received within 45 days, the license deactivates automatically.

Paying with Credit Card

Confirm your group name, add your school district, add additional invoice recipients and managers if desired, and click Checkout.

Pay with Credit Card

You'll be taken to a credit card checkout page managed by our trusted payment partner, Stripe. Fill out your payment information and click Pay to complete your purchase.

Group license checkout

Your group license will be immediately active once your credit card payment is processed.

Successful Purchase

You'll automatically be made the Manager for your group as soon as you complete your group license purchase.

Group License Success Screen

The purchase confirmation screen has your invoice or receipt and details about your group, including a link you can click to access and start managing it immediately.

We'll email you and all selected additional recipients a copy of your invoice or receipt.

Your group's license starts immediately after you complete your purchase and runs for 365 days.
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