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➕ Add members

Group Managers can add Members to groups they manage using their group's invite link. Here's how:

Log in to your Gimkit account and visit or select Group Licenses from the Me dropdown menu

Me Dropdown - Group Licenses

Select the group you want from the list of groups you manage. Groups are listed in reverse chronological order. The newest group will always be at the top, the oldest at the bottom.

Access your group license

Copy your group's invite link and share it with the teachers you'd like to add to the group

Group Invite Link

To join your group, teachers need to visit your invite link while logged into Gimkit with an Educator account. When a teacher joins, they'll see a confirmation pop up,

Group Join Confirmation

For group Managers, teachers who joined now show up under the Members tab

Group Members Tab


Teachers with Gimkit Pro join your group the same way as everyone else. Send them your group's Invite Link. Clicking that link while logged in will automatically replace their subscription with the group license and refund them for their unused time.

Updated on: 26/01/2023

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