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➡ī¸ Group invoices

We provide group license invoices as soon as a purchase with a PO is completed.

Gimkit Groups - Success Screen

We also include a link to your invoice in your group confirmation email, which we send to you and anyone you added during the purchase process.

Gimkit Groups - Purchase Order Confirmation Email

If you don't receive our confirmation email with your invoice within a few minutes of purchasing your group, it could have been blocked or sent to Spam. Make sure is set up as an approved sender in your email system to ensure all of our emails make it to you.

As a group manager, you can view your invoice anytime from inside your group in Gimkit. Here's how:

Access your group from inside your Gimkit account

Select the View Invoice tab.

Gimkit Groups - Invoice Tab

Your invoice will download automatically. Access it from your computer as needed. You can also click the download confirmation (shown above) to view your invoice in your browser.

Gimkit Groups - Invoice downloaded

Gimkit Groups - View Invoice in Browser

Updated on: 26/01/2023

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