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🍎 Manage your group

Our Group license system is likely different from others you're familiar with, but it's easy to use.

Group licenses are created and managed by Managers.

Members are teachers who are covered by the group.

Members and Managers must have Gimkit Educator accounts before they can be added to your group. Anyone can create and account for free at

As soon as a Gimkit account joins a Gimkit group license, it will be upgraded to Gimkit Pro. It will also show up in the group as a Member.

Group Managers can access their license anytime from the Group License page in their Gimkit account.


We don't create licenses, add members, or manage the group license process in any way. Everything is fully automated.

If you're not a Member of your group but believe you should have access to Gimkit Pro under your group's license, contact your group's Manager.

The person who created your group license is automatically made a Manager of the group. They can add more managers as needed.

Updated on: 26/01/2023

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