Gimkit Vendor Information

Mailing & Remit Address

415 1st Ave N
PO Box 19833
Seattle, WA 98109

Business Address

4156 187th Ave SE
Issaquah, WA 98027

Contact info

Contact Name: Jeff Osborn

Contact Phone Number: (360) 926-0882 (Note: Due to our capacity here, we don't currently provide support over the phone)

Contact email:

Gimkit W-9

Please click here to get a copy of our W-9.

Gimkit Sole Source Letter

Please click here for a copy of our Sole Source Letter. We do not currently have the capacity to provide custom or notarized Sole Source Letters

NJ Business Certificate

Click here to get a copy of our NJ Business Certificate

Vendor Packets and DPAs

We have limited capacity here to review and submit vendor packets and DPAs.

The lead-time on turning around paperwork is 4-6 weeks if we have to review a DPA or complete a full vendor registration form or packet.

Vendor registration forms and packets are easier for us to turn around if you are able to pre-fill any information we've provided on this page. We typically can return pre-filled paper-work in 2 business days. We don't ask and would never expect you to sign or fill-out paperwork with personal company information on our behalf. However, you can save time if you're able to fill-in our publicly available company information (the information provided on this page).

There are some DPAs we may need additional time to review or may have follow-up questions about. In these cases, expect a longer lead-time.

RFPs and Bids

We don't currently have the capacity to submit RFPs or Bids in most cases.

More questions?

Email Jeff any time at! We respond to all support emails within two business days.
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