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Gimkit Pro FAQ

Answers to the Gimkit Pro questions we get most often. Don't see the answer you need? Let us know and we'll add it!

What is the difference between free Gimkit and Gimkit Pro?

We have a robust free version of Gimkit, we call it Gimkit Basic. All you need is a free Educator account. You can sign up here.

On Basic, you can play Gimkit featured modes with as many students as you want, set up classes (rostering), and collect reports. It's everything you need to play Gimkit as much as you want for as long as you need.

However, Basic limits the number of game modes you can play. We rotate our free modes, but there are generally three free game modes at any given time. Gimkit Pro provides unrestricted access to all game modes, we call those Pro Exclusives.

On Gimkit Pro you'll have access to assignments, which allow you to assign kits as homework so students can play individually on their own time. Pro also allows you to upload images and add audio to your questions.

What are Gimkit's subscription options?

We offer two paid Gimkit plans:

Gimkit Pro annual, automatically billed once a year at $59.88.
Gimkit Pro monthly, automatically billed monthly at $14.99.

What happens to my kits when I upgrade/downgrade to/from a paid Gimkit subscription?

No matter which Gimkit plan you move to, you'll keep all of the Kits, Assignments, Classes, Classes, and Seasons you've created.

What's the better deal, Gimkit Pro annual or Gimkit Pro monthly?

Gimkit Pro annual will save you money over Pro monthly if you plan on using Gimkit for 4 months or more out of 12.

Pro annual = 12 months for $59.98 total; 4 months X $14.99 monthly = $59.96 total

Where's my receipt?

We send receipts to your account email address and save a copy directly in your account.

To find your receipt, go to Settings in your account and click on Plan & Billing in the left panel. You'll see a list of charges. Click the charge you want to view, download, or print it.

Do you have discount pricing for departments, schools, and districts?

Our group subscription/school license system is called Gimkit Groups.

Groups is a fully automated, simple, and affordable way for schools to support their teachers who use Gimkit.

With Groups, we're excited to offer:

Simple and transparent pricing
No quote forms asking a million things
No calls with the sales team
Quote, payment, and management all from one place

Groups has just two pricing levels:

Department - $650 per year for up to 20 teachers
School- ($1000 per year for your entire school

Learn more about Gimkit Groups here.

Do you accept Purchase Orders?

We only accept Purchase orders for Group licenses. Learn more about Gimkit Groups and how they work here.

Updated on: 13/07/2023

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