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Cancel your Subscription

You can cancel your Gimkit Pro subscription any time from inside your Gimkit account.

Canceling your Subscription doesn't end it immediately, you'll retain Pro access for the time you've paid for. After you cancel, you won't be charged again unless you upgrade to a new Pro subscription.

When your subscription ends, you'll keep access to everything you've created. You can upgrade again any time.

If you want to cancel your paid subscription, follow the below steps:

From your Dashboard, click into Settings or visit https/

Click "Plan & Billing"

Gimkit Settings Plan and Billing

Select "Cancel Subscription" in the lower right corner:

Gimkit Cancel Subscription

Proceed if you're not canceling to join a group license.

Joining a group license?

We'll let you know your expiration date and ask for feedback -- we want to hear your thoughts!

Gimkit Cancelation Confirmation

You'll see a pop up with confirmation that your subscription has been canceled, with your expiration date.

Updated on: 21/04/2022

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