Redeeming Gimkit Gift Cards adds a credit to your account in the amount of the Gift Card.

If you're upgrading from the free version of Gimkit, you'll upgrade your account as normal from your Dashboard or

If you already have a Gimkit paid membership, your account credit will be used the next time your subscription is billed.

How to Redeem a Gift Card

To redeem a gift card, log in to your Gimkit Account and go to the Gimkit Gift Card page.

Click the blue link 'Have a gift card? Click here to redeem it!'.

A popup will show that allows you to enter your gift card code. Entering the dashes is optional. Once you've entered the gift card code, press 'Redeem'.

Your account balance will be updated with the gift card's value and a record of the gift card redemption will appear under 'Gifts you've redeemed'. To check your account Balance, visit the 'Plan and Billing' section in the Gimkit settings page.

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