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How to Redeem a Gift Card

How to Redeem a gift card

Gimkit gift cards can be purchased by anyone. Redeeming a gift card puts a credit on your account. That credit can then be used to purchase a Gimkit subscription. Here's how it works!

Log in to your Gimkit Account and go to the Gimkit Gift Card page.

Click the blue link 'Have a gift card? Click here to redeem it!'.

A popup will show that allows you to enter your gift card code. Entering the dashes is optional. Once you've entered the gift card code, press 'Redeem'.

Your account balance will be updated with the gift card's value and a record of the gift card redemption will appear under 'Gifts you've redeemed'. To check your account Balance, visit the 'Plan and Billing' section in the Gimkit settings page.

Now it's time to upgrade your account! Once you've redeemed your gift card, you'll still be on the free plan, Gimkit Basic. You can use your account credit by purchasing a subscription when you're ready or by waiting for your existing subscription to renew.

Tip: If you're purchasing a new subscription, you'll be asked to enter your credit card information at checkout. Our system needs a credit card to create a new subscription, but you will not be charged for the purchase. Your credit will be applied automatically and first to all subscription purchases until it is gone.
And that's it - you've redeemed your gift card and upgraded your account!

Updated on: 21/04/2022

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