Gimkit Assignments allows your students to play Gimkit at home! Whether you want to assign Gimkit as homework, or just have an option for students to study, here's how to create an assignment!

From your Dashboard, click the "New Assignment" button

Select a Kit you want students to play during the Assignment

Tip: You can select your Kit from the dropdown or search for Kits by typing

Select a due date. Note that students will be able to complete an assignment, even after the due date. The due date is just when assignment completions will be considered as late.

If you have Classes, select which Classes you'd like to give the assignment to

Using Classes with assignments is highly recommended. When you use Classes, students can leave and pick back up on another device. Additionally, when you use Classes you will receive a report for the assignment.

Modify any of your game options. The Target Cash is the cash amount students must have for the assignment to be marked as complete.

Click "Create Assignment"

That's it! Your assignment is now created!
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