Group Managers can remove themselves as Managers from groups hey manage. Here's how:

Log in to your Gimkit account and go to Settings or by clicking settings from the Me dropdown

Gimkit Settings - Dropdown

Click your group in the left-hand panel.

Group Invite Tab

Click the Managers tab to view your group's managers.

Gimkit Groups - Managers Tab

Click the trash can icon next to your email address. Remember, you can't remove other mangers, only yourself.

Gimkit Groups - Remove Manager

You'll see a confirmation asking if you're sure you want to remove yourself as a manger. Click OK.

Gimkit Groups - Are you sure you want to remove yourself

That's it, you'll be removed as a manager from your group license instantly. You'll no longer see the group under settings in your account.

Gimkit Groups - No Longer a Manager
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