Manage group licenses

Gimkit group licenses are bundles of Gimkit Pro subscriptions, available at two levels: Department and School.

Learn more about how to purchase a group licencse using our automated Groups system here.

Gimkit groups are managed and distributed by a manager or managers.

Managers can access the group and can add and remove group members and other managers.

Our Group license system may differ from others you've used. Please take a moment to read the below in full and watch the explainer video. If you are not a manager of your group but believe you should be covered by your group's license, please contact your group's manager as we don't manage or distribute seats to groups on our end.

Managing licenses in groups - video

Adding members to your group

To provide Gimkit Pro Upgrades under your group, you'll need to add members to it. Here's how:

Log in to your Gimkit Account
Go to the Settings section of your account
Click on your group name in the left-hand panel
Copy the invite link and send to your teachers.
Your teachers will be able to use this link to add their accounts to your license.

Note: Each member and manager you add to your group must have a Gimkit account before you add them.

Note: If one of your teachers has their own subscription on their account, send them over your group's invite link. Clicking that link will automatically transfer their subscription to the group and refund them for their unused time.

Removing members

To remove a member from your group license, click the trashcan icon next to their email address.

Adding managers to your group

Group managers can add and remove members and add other managers.

You can add group managers when you're purchasing your group by adding their email address under "**Group license managers...**" on the page you enter your group's info into. Anyone you add during the purchase process will receive an email and be made a manager automatically as soon as the group is created.

For groups that have already been purchased, you can add managers any time:

Login to your Gimkit account
Go to the Settings section of your account
Click on your group name in the left-hand panel
Under the managers tab, enter in any email address with an existing gimkit account
Click Add
You're done! The added manager will need to log out and back in to access their upgrade

Managers cannot remove other managers - Managers have to remove themselves.
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