How to view Assignment results

You can view your students' results from inside of any of your Assignments.

With Classes

If you're using Classes with your Assignment, click on the Class you want to view results for.

Once in the Class you want view results for, you can view 4 different categories: All, Completed, Working On It, and Has Not Started.

Results - 4 Categories

Clicking the All tab on the Results section lets you view progress for each student in your Class. You can also click the other tabs for more specific views of your students' results. These tabs will help you get a quick idea of where each student is at with the Assignment.

Here's what the Completed, Working On It, and Has Not Started Results views look like:

Results - Completed

Results - Working on it

Results - Has not completed

Also, students can complete an Assignment more than once. If they do, you'll see a note indicating the number of times the student has completed the Assignment.

Multiple completions

To view all completions for a student, click on the "Show Completions" button at right of the student listing.

Show Completions

Clicking "Show Completions" for a student will expand all of their completions for you to view at a glance.

Completions Expanded

Using Classes with Assignments also gives you access to Reports from inside of your Assignment. You'll see a "View Reports" button in the left panel of Assignments connected to Classes. Click "View Reports" to view detailed Reports on how each student did, how the entire Class did, and areas for improvement.

You can also view a quick Report for each student by clicking the Report icon to the right of each Student completion within your Assignments Result section.

Without Classes

If you're not using Classes with your Assignment, you'll see a "Results" option in your left panel. Click "Results" to view results for students who have completed your Assignment.

Tip: If your Assignment doesn't show any results, whether using Classes or not, none of your students have fully completed your Assignment yet.
That's all there is to it! You now know how to edit and manage your Assignments!
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