How to purchase a group license

Once you submit payment or upload your purchase order, you will automatically be made a manager (admin) for your group, which means you will add teachers to your license and manage the group. As you're completing your group license purchase, you'll have the option to email a copy of the invoice to others and to add more group managers.

Here are instructions on how to purchase a Gimkit group license:

You'll need an account to complete your purchase; Sign up for a free Gimkit account (accept the free trial)

Visit our groups page at

Click the plan you want a quote for and enter your group's name - you'll get a quote instantly

Save the link to your quote (we'll email it to you as well)

Return to your quote page when you're ready to purchase your group
Select whether you'd like to upload a purchase order or pay with a credit card
Follow the steps for the option you selected; If you want to have the invoice mailed to someone else or want to add managers, you can do both now!

Once you've paid with a credit card or uploaded a purchase order, you'll see a success screen with your invoice or receipt and access to start managing your group. We'll also email you, and anyone else you've selected, a copy of your invoice or receipt.

You're all set! You can visit the settings section of your account and click your group in the left panel to start adding teachers!

Frequent questions

What if I'm just paying and I don't want to be the manager of the group?

No problem! You'll be made a manager automatically, but you also have the option to add email addresses for additional managers. Everyone you add as a manager when you're completing your group purchase will be automatically made a manager when the group is created. We'll send them an email letting them know that they're now a manager for your group. See step 7 above for what to look for when you're adding managers.

How do I get an invoice for my license purchase?

We provide invoices for purchase order purchases only. For credit card purchases, we provide a receipt on the confirmation page once you've completed your purchase. We also email you a copy. If you're uploading a purchase order, we provide a copy of your invoice and email you a copy as well. For either option, you'll see an area to add email addresses to send the invoice or receipt to. See step 7 above for what to look for when you're adding invoice/receipt recipients.

Are managers covered by the group license automatically?

When you activate your license, you will be made a manager and a member of the group. You can remove yourself as one or both on the group admin page.

Any managers you add are not automatically added as a member. They'll need to use the invite link to be made a member as well.
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