How to have your school or department pay for you

Sometimes, you need your school or department to pay for your individual Gimkit Pro subscription.

So, we created Pay for Me links to make it easy for someone else to pay for your annual Pro upgrade once your free trial is over.

Here's how to get and share your Pay for Me link and how it can be used to purchase Pro for your account:

From your dashboard, click the blue “Upgrade” button in the upper left-hand corner. Or, from the Hub, click “Learn more” in the banner at the bottom of your screen.

Click the “or have my school upgrade me to Pro…” link below the "Upgrade to Pro" button

Click "Copy link" to copy the link

Share your Pay for Me link with the person who will be purchasing your annual Pro subscription

Once your subscription has been paid for, you'll receive an e-mail letting you know your account has been upgraded.

Log out and back into your account, or go to settings > plan & billing

You're all set! Your account now has a Gimkit Pro subscription on it for one year!

Frequent questions

What if the person who paid needs a receipt?

We include a receipt link in that same email we send you once the purchase is completed. You can forward it to the person who paid for you if they didn't get a copy when they paid. Also, you can find all of the receipts for purchases made on your account under settings > plan & billing.

Is there any way to have someone pay for a monthly Pro subscription?

Pay For Me is currently only for annual Pro subscriptions.

Will this account auto-renew?

Subscriptions purchased using Pay For Me are set to expire automatically after one year from the purchase date. You will need to repeat this process again next year.
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