You can cancel your Gimkit Go, Pro, or Pro Pass subscription anytime from your Settings page under "Plan & Billing."

You will keep access to everything you have created and you can upgrade again anytime from that same area.

Canceling your Subscription doesn't turn it off automatically - you still keep access for the time you've paid for. Rather, cancelling is an action for future charges. Canceling sets you subscription to expire on its old renewal date. After you cancel, you will no longer be charged for further renewals.

If you wish to cancel your paid subscription:

Start at your Settings page at https/

Go to "Plan & Billing"

Select "Cancel Subscription" in the lower right corner:

We'll then let you know you're cancelling, and ask for feedback. We want to hear your thoughts!

Then, your subscription will set to cancel at the end of the subscription term.

Please Note: If you don't see the "Cancel" button, your Subscription may already be canceled or set to end automatically. You can see your Subscription's expiration date at the top of the Plan & Billing area.

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