How to complete an Assignment

There are two ways for students to complete an Assignment in Gimkit:

Reach the Target Cash goal for the Assignment
Reach the maximum time limit for the Assignment in one sitting

If an Assignment has a Target Cash goal of $100,,000 and a maximum time limit of 20 minutes, a student will complete the Assignment for which ever of those two is reached first.

Students will know they've completed an Assignment when they see this screen:

If a student doesn't see the above screen, they haven't completed the Assignment yet.

Once a student reaches the Assignment completing screen, they can clap or review their results by scrolling down. Results on the student-side look like this:

As soon as each student completes their Assignment, they'll show up on the Assignments Results screen under the Assignment on the teacher's side.

If Classes are connected to the Assignment (recommended), each student who completes the Assignment will also show up on the Report for that Assignment.
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