How Assignments work

Assignments allow you to share kits with students outside of of the classroom. Perfect for distance learning and for letting your students study with Gimkit on their own time!

Assignments are paid feature, available to Gimkit Pro members only.

Creating an assignment is easy and can be done from your dashboard at Make assignments from any of your existing kits, set a due date, set game goals for students, and you're done!

Once you've created and shared an assignment with your students, they'll work to complete it by reaching a cash or time goal.

When your students visit your assignment link, they'll be taken directly into the assignment if you're using classes. If you're not using classes, your students will be asked to enter in their name after clicking the assignment link.

Student view with classes

Student view without classes
Once your students reach the cash goal for your assignment, or reach the max time limit when working on it in a single sitting, they'll see a completion screen with a happy balloon (and some information about how they did)!

Assignment Completion Screen
To learn more about creating, sharing, and managing your assignments, check out How to create an assignment and How to share and manage Assignments.

Tip: Assignments are most effective when used with classes, but can be used on their own as well.
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