Create a Kit from scratch in a few easy steps!

Click the "New Kit" Button from your Dashboard (

Clicking "New kit"

Enter your Kit's name, language, and subject

Adding kit info

Choose a Cover Image for your Kit. You can use Unsplash or any image link from the web.

Note: Paid Gimkit members will have a third tab and can upload images.

Choosing a cover photo using Unsplash

Choosing a cover photo using an image link

You can now add questions to your Kit. You have several options (we have help desk articles for all of them). For now, let's pick "Add a Question" so we can create our own questions from scratch.

Adding questions

Create your question by adding your question, correct answer(s) and incorrect answers. To change an answer from correct to incorrect, click the "Check" next to it. You can have as many correct answers as you like. You can also add media to your question here. When you're done with your question, click "Add."

Note: Audio Questions are available to paid Gimkit members

Creating a question

Once you're finished adding questions to your Kit, click "All Done" to go back to your Dashboard

All done

Your new Kit from scratch is available in your Dashboard. You can add it to a folder, edit it, or play it!

Your new kit
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