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❓Question Bank

Our Question Bank allows you to search questions from any public Kit and add them to your Kits.

Question Bank can be used when you're editing a Kit and when you're creating a new Kit.

Here's how it works:

Create a new Kit or Edit an existing Kit.
From the left panel, click "Add from Question Bank."

A bottom panel will slide up. Use it to search all Kits or your own.
Enter your search term.

Hover over any Kit in the results list to pull up all questions from that Kit.
Click the "+" icon at far right on the question you want to add.

After you add a question, you can keep searching and adding from the Question Bank.
Once you're finished, click "Finish" or "Create Kit" or keep editing or creating your Kit using our other Kit Creator options.
The questions you selected are now in your Kit!

Updated on: 17/11/2022

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