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Archive and delete a kit

To delete Kits inside of Gimkit, you have to Archive them first.

Archiving Kits in Gimkit allows you to move it to the bottom of your Kit list, so it doesn't clutter things up, without losing access forever.

After you've archived a Kit, you can choose to delete it if you'd like.

Here's how to Archive and delete Kits inside of Gimkit:

From your dashboard, click the "More" menu on the Kit you want to delete
In the dropdown menu click "Archive" at the bottom
You can now leave your Kit Archived or delete it

Click 'more' icon

Archived Kits show up at the bottom of your Kits with an "Archived" tag on them.

To delete an Archived Kit, find it in your Kits list
Open the same "More" dropdown menu on the Kit you want to delete
Select "Delete" from the dropdown menu

Delete only appears on archived kits

You can also Unarchive a Kit at any time, by following the Delete Kit instructions above, but selecting "Unarchive" from the dropdown in step 3.

Updated on: 11/01/2023

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