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✏️ Edit a kit

Before you can edit a kit, you have to own it. If you didn't create the kit you want to edit, copy the kit first.

To edit a kit, select a kit you own and click Edit in the right-hand pane.

Edit a kit

You'll be taken to the kit editor. This should look familiar from when you created a kit from scratch.

Kit editor

From the kit editor, you can add questions, bulk edit questions, or edit questions individually.

If you'd like to delete a question or turn it into a text input question, select it using the checkbox to the left of it. You can select multiple questions and turn them all into text input questions or delete them all using the buttons toe the upper right of your questions.

Question checkbox

Your progress will save automatically as you go. Check the lower left-hand corner of the kit editor. If you have a stable internet connection you should see "All changes saved."

All changes saved

View a questions answers by clicking it to expand.

Expanded question

Copy or edit questions by clicking the copy or edit icons next to the question you want to copy or edit. These actions cannot be done in bulk.

Copy or edit a question

When you're finished editing your kit, click All Done to exit the kit editor.

All Done!

Updated on: 17/11/2022

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