Creating A Kit From A .CSV File

There are two ways to create Kits inside of Gimkit:, From Scratch, and From A .CSV File. Here's how to create a Kit from a .csv file inside of Gimkit:

Create a spreadsheet with your questions in row A and your correct answers only in row B

One you have all of your questions and correct answers in your spreadsheet, save it as a .csv

Sign into Gimkit

From your dashboard (, click the blue "New Kit" button

Enter in the title of your Kit and select the "csv" button at right. Click "Next"

Select a cover image for your Kit (you may want to search for the right fit)

Click the blue "Upload File" button below the instructions on the upload page

Select your file from the upload window

You'll be automatically taken back to your dashboard, where you'll see your new Kit

You can click into your Kit to review it, and edit as necessary if there were any mistakes
The most common error is with the incorrect answers, which are auto populated from row B

Frequent Questions

What if I can't access the CSV templates through Google?
No problem! We have a Dropbox link with .CSV and Excel files for both templates here.
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