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Trouble connecting to Gimkit's game servers

Hi there! Sorry you are having trouble connecting to our game servers. This article should walk you through steps to help get Gimkit working for you. Sending this article to your tech or IT department should give them the tools to get this fixed.

Step 1: Check our server status

While unlikely, Gimkit's servers may be down which is why you cannot connect. Please check our status page ( to check if our servers are running. If our servers are up, it means there is an issue on your end.

Step 2: Ensure all tests pass at

Visit our compatibility test at If all the tests pass, Gimkit should work just fine! If not, Gimkit won't work correctly. Here are some fixes for tests that might not pass:

Firewall check on *

This issue is due to your school's firewall blocking our game servers.

Gimkit's game servers are hosted on the * Please note that this domain is a wildcard, meaning we need access to every subdomain on

Ensure that your school's firewall settings are set to allow * on ports 80 and 443

Websocket connection to *

This issue is due to your school's firewall blocking a websocket connection to our game servers. This is most commonly caused by a school's proxy network. Gimkit requires secure Websockets, which can cause issues with some proxy servers. You may need to allow * in your proxy’s security settings. SSL is used to encrypt data between devices and servers. Networks that monitor SSL activity sometimes replace our certificates with those of the monitoring service. This can cause authentication errors. The above URLs may need to bypass network monitoring

Websockets are different than standard HTTP requests and is the technology we use for real-time communication in our game. Make sure you have allowed Websocket requests for *

Other issues

If other tests fail, they are related to other parts of Gimkit, but shouldn't impact the ability to host/join games.

These instructions should get you up and running in Gimkit! If you still need help, please contact for additional assistance! Additionally, you can find a full list of domains to unblock here.

Updated on: 09/03/2022

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