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Stickers are a cosmetic that can be used in 2D game modes.

Like Gims, Stickers are rotated through the Item Shop weekly and can be purchased with GimBucks. There may not be new Stickers available to purchase every Item Shop.

Once purchased, Stickers will show up in your Locker alongside your other Cosmetics.

Unlike Gims, Stickers can only be used in the lobby before games begin. You can use your Stickers as many times as you like in any 2D lobby while waiting for games to start, but you can only place 10 stickers at a time. If you place an 11th Sticker, your first sticker will fade away and so on.

To place a Sticker, click the "Apply Stickers" button in the upper left-hand part of the screen to open the Stickers menu. Use the Stickers menu to choose the Sticker you want to use, the placement preference of your Stickers, and your Sticker size. Click anywhere in the lobby to place your Sticker.

Updated on: 31/08/2023

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