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🧠 Smart Repetition

Questions in Gimkit are shown to each player at their own pace. After a player has seen each questions once, they start to repeat.

Smart Repetition repeats questions students missed the first time around more often in live games (all modes) and assignments.

We use a lottery system that prioritizes questions students got incorrect the first time they answered them.

Smart Repetition, like the rest of a Gimkit game, is student-specific.

Student A and Student B will have questions repeated depending on how they each answered the questions the first time around. Student A's repetition lottery is tied only to Student A's answers.

There's nothing to turn on and no setting to change in your account or for live games. Smart Repetition is on for all games, all of the time.

For a more detailed explanation of why we built smart repetition and how it works, we have a 90 second video:

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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