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🔈 Enable Read to Me

Read to Me lets students have questions and answers read aloud to them inside of Gimkit Live.

Your students can turn Read to Me on and off as they need during the game, but, by default, Read To Me is off.

To enable Read To Me, click the menu icon on the top right.

Next, click the settings gear on the bottom left.

Last, toggle on Read To Me. When enabled, it will read the question out loud as well as the answer choices.

As each section is read, it's highlighted for the student to see.

Read To Me read each question only once. If a student needs to hear the same question again, they can click the Read To Me icon on the top left.

In case you need it, we have a quick explainer video showing how to turn on Read to Me and how it works, looks, and sounds here.

Read to Me FAQ

Will Read To Me stay on from game to game?
Turning on Read to Me has to be done by each student who wants to use it in each game they play. So, if a student uses it in one game and you play another immediately after, they'll need to turn it on again.

Does Read to Me support other languages, or only English?
Read To Me reads in the language your computer is set to. For foreign language reading, use our audio question feature.

Is Read To Me available anywhere else in Gimkit Live?
Not currently. For now, Read to Me is only active when turned on by a student and only when answering a question. It won't read the other parts of Gimkit Live, including the shop options or correct answer review.

Updated on: 25/01/2023

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