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School Library

The Gimkit Live School Library is a place to discover kits made by other educators in your school.

School Library will be helpful in two major ways:

Makes it easier for existing Gimkit educators to share kits — if another teacher mentions that they made a Kit, you can check the School Library for it!

Gives new Gimkit educators a place to discover kits — If you're new to Gimkit and teachers in your building already use it, you can visit the School Library to access their kits!

The School Library is instant and automatic. No set up required. No configuring. No clicking around to figure it out.

To get to your school's kit library, just go to your Gimkit Live dashboard and click on School Library in the left panel.

Once you're in your school's library, you'll see a list of all kits created by teachers at your school, organized by creation date.

And that's about all there is to it — have fun sharing and exploring!

Frequent questions

Is there a way to hide Kits from my School Library?
Private kits created by teachers at your school won't show up in the School Library. If you don't want a kit to show up in your school's library, just set it to private. Learn more about creating private kits and editing privacy settings for your kits here.

Can I change the school on my account?
Yep! You can change your school any time in your account under Settings > Account Information. Just click change under your school name. From there, you can unenroll from your school or switch your school as needed.

Updated on: 26/08/2022

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