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√ Add equations

In the kit editor, click Add Math to add equations to your questions or the equation icon to add equations to answers.

Add Equations to Questions and Answers

Use the equation editor to enter your desired equation.

Open Equation Editor

Enter your Equation

Click Insert when you're finished to add your equation to your question or answer.

Insert Equation

Equations take the place of images for both questions and answers. For questions, you can add an equation or an image, but not both. You can accompany equations with audio and text. For answers, adding an equation removes the option to add images or text.

Cannot Add Text

Adding text to an answer removes the option to add an equation to that answer. If you'd like to add an equation, just delete the text.

Remove Answer Text

In-game, questions and answers using equations show up seamlessly for your students.

Math Question and Math Answers

Add equations to your answers alongside answers using text. Even if you have some equation answers, you can still add text to your other answers.

Equation and Text Answers

Because equations act as images, equation answers are only available for multiple choice questions. If you select text input, you won't be able to add equations to your answers.

Equations with Multiple Choice

Equations with Text Input

Tip: Save Time with Flashcards

Use the Create with Flashcards option in the kit editor to save time.

Enter just one answer per question and we'll provide the distractors for you.

Once you've added an equation, the equation icon turns green to show you it's been added.

Equations with Flashcards

Updated on: 12/01/2023

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