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Third Parties Gimkit Uses

Third Parties Gimkit Uses

Gimkit may use certain third-party service providers to help us provide, analyze and improve our services (this includes but is not limited to data storage, maintenance services, payment processing, web analytics, email communications, and management).

The third parties we select may have access to your information only for the purpose of supporting our services and have similar expectations with caring for privacy information.

As of the date on this list, Gimkit utilizes the following third-party providers listed below:

Digital Ocean for hosting and operating Gimkit's game servers
Heroku for website hosting; non-game servers
Atlas for securely storing and organizing data
Retool for customized internal tools (e.g. Groups management)
Sentry for error tracking
Stripe for payment processing
Unsplash for importing stock images
Cloudinary for image and audio uploads
Google Analytics for analytics on our website
Baremetrics for customer analytics and insights
Crisp Messaging for help desk, customer support, and event tracking
Mailjet for email communications (reset password, account verification, marketing emails, etc.)
Basecamp for internal communications
Slack for internal communications
Notion for internal documentation and legacy invoice management
Pear Deck for Flashcard Factory import

You can review our full Privacy Policy anytime and let us know if you have any questions by contacting us at

Last updated August 6, 2019

Updated on: 21/04/2022

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