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Gimkit Creative FAQ

When will Gimkit Creative be released?

No firm date is set yet, we're planning to release it in May 2023!

Do I need to know how to code to use Gimkit Creative?

No, not at all! You'll be able to build tons of games without having any knowledge of coding!

Gimkit Creative will have a drag-and-drop code block editor (similar to Scratch) available for building more advanced maps. It's totally optional and you can do a ton in Creative without using the block editor! For example, our One Way Out game mode was built entirely without having to use the drag-and-drop code block editor.

Will I be able to publish my maps for other people to play?

Publishing won't be a feature for V1 of Gimkit Creative. You'll still be able to play your maps with others though! You'll host a session with your map, and a game code will be there for other people to join and play! We're planning to add publishing in the future.

Is Gimkit Creative free?

Yes, Gimkit Creative is totally free to use for students and teachers!

We may make some some parts of Gimkit Creative paid in the future (for example, publishing a map might require a Gimkit Pro subscription). As an added bonus, when in Gimkit Creative, there will be no 5-player limit for students! You can create and play your creations with up-to 60 people!

Updated on: 02/05/2023

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