If you've been using Gimkit for a bit, you might remember that we used to have an option to create a class where students would select their name from a list when joining a game. On August 4th, 2020, we removed this option.

Instead, classes are now using our new system which requires authentication via Google or email. We made this decision for a few reasons.

Our new writing tool Ink is coming out later this year. Ink will feature privacy and security features that require authentication to protect student data. With this, Ink will only work with the new version of classes. Continuing to allow both versions would cause things to become too complicated and confusing.

Our new classes system is much more secure. Only those within your class can join games. Additionally, students cannot select the name of another student.

The Hub is a feature which allows students to see all their assignments in a single place. With The Hub, you don't have to send out assignment links each and every-time. You can learn more about The Hub by clicking here. The Hub only works with our new version of classes.

Classes are entirely optional. Gimkit will continue to work without classes, and you'll still be able to use assignments, host live games, and use Ink when it comes out. Some of you might have used classes to block inappropriate names. Even without classes, we still have a naughty name filter which tries to handle that.

If you have any questions, just let us know!
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