Purchase Orders for Group Subscriptions

What Will Gimkit Accept Purchase Orders For?

Gimkit accepts purchase orders to pay for bulk annual Gimkit Pro subscriptions for 6 seats and over.

Any subscription request fewer than 6 seats is considered an individual order and needs to be paid by Credit Card.

To ensure your Group Subscription can be processed smoothly, please make sure your Group Administrator has a free Gimkit account before submitting this form with their email address. Our Group Subscription management system requires at least one Admin who can add & remove teachers before we can start your subscription.

All teachers covered by your group subscription will need free Gimkit accounts before they can be upgraded by your Admin. Sign up for a free Gimkit account at https://www.gimkit.com/signup/basic.

Please email Jeff at groupsubscriptions@gimkit.com with any questions or concerns!

How Can Purchase Orders be Submitted?

Please submit all Purchase Orders to us here: Group Subscriptions - Purchase Order Submissions

Due to volume and our capacity, we process Purchase Orders weekly on Tuesdays

We are a tiny team doing our best to help as many groups as possible while providing excellent support - thank you for your patience!

Vendor Information


Gimkit LLC
100 S King St, Ste 100
Seattle, WA 98104


Jeff Osborn
(360) 926-0882


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Sole Source Letter

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NJ Business Certificate

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